Artspace Resident Locked Out; Lawyer is medically incapacitated

Recently I have posted pieces on A Cup of Joe Coffee Shop and tenants in the Artspace Building in Salt Lake City being ousted from their space. Even more recently the Salt Lake City Weekly had a feature article on the issue.

Here is the latest news, as written to me from a person who has been involved in this from the beginning.

John Fitzen, an outspoken member of the Artspace Tenants Association
had a court date this morning. His attorney Kent Fillmore, who has
been representing the residents pretty much for free, suffered a
seizure last week and was hospitalized. He was in the hospital again
on Monday. On Monday he filed a request with the court to postpone
the hearing today because of his incapacity. He spoke with the court
recorder directly. This morning, he called the attorney for the
prosecution, Kirk Cullimore, told him he was going back into the
hospital today, and asked to postpone the hearing. Mr. Cullimore said
no. Mr Fitzen, his wife and 7 year old daughter have been locked out
of their apartment without so much as a change of clothes.

Mr Fitzen had been in touch with the ACLU on Monday, knowing of Mr.
Fillmore’s incapacity, but they have not yet been able to work on the
case. We have called Luke Garrott, the City Council member for the area.

Readers, please contact Luke Garrott:
801.535.7651 (FAX)
801.535.7654 (Comment Line – 24 hour voice mail)


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