Utah media

Yesterday Cynthia McKinney filed for President of the United States in Utah. (See my post below.) Tons of press releases were distributed to all Utah Media, along with follow up reminders. Invitations were sent out to select media outlets to interview her Tuesday night.

Not only were there no responses to the chance to interview this amazing woman, only two camera technicians – Fox 13 and Channel 2 KUTV – and one reporter from KCPW showed up to cover this historic event. Not one newspaper appeared to cover this.

We were told by the camera technicians (they couldn’t even send reporters!) that the coverage would be aired and Fox13 said it would be on their website as well. I heard that there was a clip on channel 2 during the day, but I have not seen any video at all on the internet.

How very sad for Utahns to be deprived of this news.

Meanwhile, the big headline news on the front page of Utah newspapers this week was – no, not Hurrican Gustav or the RNC (although they had their places on the front page), or the plight of our health care or education systems in the U.S., or the travesty of strip mining our mountains in the west – it was (drum roll please)…..

Jessica Robinson from Sandy, Utah winning one million dollars on “Deal or No Deal”.

Now THAT’S news worthy of a flashy front page spread!

I hope that our blogging community will help spread the word about Cynthia McKinney running for President. I will be posting as much as I can, including showings of her award winning film (in Sundance) “American Blackout”.


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