Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente at the DNC

It appears that Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente will be participating with both groups at the DNC the last week of August. They are scheduled to speak at the ARD event and to march with the R68 group.

Regardless of varying philosophies of protesting by both of these groups, this is the RIGHT thing for McKinney/Clemente to do. It is disingenuous of the Colorado Greens or anyone else to denounce any individual or group who choose to participate with one group or the other, or both groups.

This is a PEACE movement – HEL–LOOOOO!. The more folks involved to stand up against the injustices in our world the better. The more factionalism that occurs, the more the right-wingers (I include the Democrats in that) smile because the progressive movement will never move forward with all this controversy. Don’t you see? It’s exactly what they want!

So to all those attending the DNC protests – cut the crap and just do what you need to do to speak out! Just do it! Do it for those of us who cannot be there! Do it for all life that suffers on our planet!


One thought on “Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente at the DNC

  1. Yes yes yes.
    Thank You for continuing to cover this.
    Haven’t these people ever heard of agent provocateurs ? Why the assumption that if you’re at a peace rally and violence breaks out, you have somehow condoned this violence or psychically willed it into being ?
    It’s as if the naysayers to the gathering want to attack themselves –the peace movement– on trumped-up charges before the Right Wing can get over there and do it. It makes no sense.


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