Cup of Joe Will Open – Temporary New Home

This report is offered by A Cup of Joe Events Coordinator, Eileen McCabe:

Rosemary Winters of the Salt Lake Tribune called both Kristy and I yesterday and posted the following article:

The Office Manager for Evergreene saw the article yesterday when a shorter version was posted, saw the quote “I?ve got food rotting in there,” and called Kristy to arrange a time for her to move everything out.  So Kristy will be spared the hassle of waiting for a court motion to go through its channels, taking perhaps 2 weeks. Kristy is trying to work out the logistics and it will probably be in the next couple of days. 

The second piece of good news is that Bob Evans of Rimini Coffee, Sugarhouse Coffee and Café Marmalade, who has been enormously supportive of Kristy, has offered for her to set up shop in Baxter’s Café at 1615 S. State, for either a short or long-term arrangement.  For starters, she will have full weekends starting 6PM on Friday, since Baxter’s currently is not open on weekends. She may take over the entire lease from Baxter’s. I visited Baxter’s last night, and am very optimistic.  The space is only slightly smaller that the Artspace space, it has wonderful lighting and acoustics and a friendly aura. It also has a patio out front, and lots of lawn (anyone care to run through the sprinklers?)

Poetry is back on for Saturday night!!! Same time (8:30), new place, 1615 S. State St, on the east side of the road between the high school and the community college.  There is a huge billboard on the south side of the front parking lot that has an enormous motorcycle and 100 MPH in huge letters.  The front parking lot is very small, so park in the community college parking lot.

With that in mind, as Kristy’s event’s coordinator, I’d like to invite everyone to bless the new space and participate in the grand opening of “A Cup of Joe 2.0.”  Kristy has already booked music for Friday night, a group she had booked for the old space for the same date.

Cup of Joes goes on because of the hearts and souls of those who have shared its energy.  As I said in the article, we go on because of our community, regardless of the physical space we occupy.

Please forward this noticel far and wide, call or text folks who do not have email, or who access it infrequently.  We will also post a sign on the doors at Artspace.


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