Springmeyer/Valdez Gov slate in Utah

In the absence of any Green Party candidates in Utah, I have decided to support the Utah Governor/Lt. Governor candidate team of Bob Springmeyer and Josie Valdez. On his facebook page, Bob identifies his political views as Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal, Green.

Bob is working towards improving health care and wages for Utahns, addressing energy and environmental issues and eliminating government bureaucracy.

More about Bob Springmeyer

Josie “has been a community activist and organizer since she first arrived in Utah in the early ’70s.
After Josie’s retirement from the SBA, she served on the cabinet for Mayor Rocky Anderson as Director of Diversity for the City of Salt Lake.”
Josie especially advocates for women and minorities.

More about Josie Valdez

This team is running on the Democratic ticket. I thought about this very carefully before deciding to formally support this team, since I feel that the Democratic party is just as bad as the Republican party, really. When I read about the values that these two candidates embrace, I became convinced that electing this team to the Hill would be of benefit to Utahns.

Besides, Bob rides a bike and the campaign lawn signs are Green! So I’ve put one in my yard.

Don’t worry, I’ve already suggested to Bob a switch to the Green Party. I’ll keep working on that.


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