Davey D Interviews Rosa Clemente About Accepting Bid to Run w/ Cynthia McKinney

Davey D‘s interview is posted on hip hop news:


We sat down with Rosa and she explained why accepted the invitation to join Cynthia McKinney on the Green party ticket.
In our interview Rosa Clemente addresses the following issues;

1-Is the Green Party Relevent?
2-Why should we not go for the Democratic Party?
2-Is she and Cynthia taking away votes from Obama? Can they really win?
3-Should we be concerned about who gets to appoint judges to the Supreme Court?
4-How her bid for VP will impact Hip Hop?
5-Obama is considered a candidate from the Hip Hop generation, what issues is he not addressing that is important to Hip Hop?
7-How she feels about other Hip Hop generation candidates like kevin Powell and Reverend Markel Hutchins?
8-The role women should be playing in this race?
9-Can this system really work? Will my vote really count?

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kpfa. org/archives/index. php?arch=27247


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