On the Wilder Side Reports – GPUS Convention – Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente

cynthia mckinney on educationonly a sick government would place a banker between a student and her education…
cynthia on peace and justice the green party is a peace party, the green vote is a peace vote…need real discussion of race and gender.
cynthia celebrates her family – her son growing up in her legislative office, how her mom helped keep peace between cynthia and her dad when they had political differences…we need an opposition party…we will proclaim our presence in every nook and cranny in the nation…
cynthia speaks – if green party values were implemented in our country…no one would be denied their place in the union based on discrimination…oh if it could be true that the values of the green party could be implemented in our public policy….while bear sterns gets a bailout, you and I are forced to sink or swim…those who delivered us into this mess cannot be trusted to deliver us out of this mess…
rosa clemente wraps up… – reads off names of political prisoners and freedom fighters present and past…mumia, harriet tubman, leonard peltierm, fannie lou hayma…we will no longer be fooled by george bush, the republicans, or the democrats…another world is possible…drop the democrats…go on monday and join the green party…standing ovation…clapping…she is still speaking…power to the people…dig at obama…can’t accept the lesser of two evils…don’t waste your time on people already moderating themselves to the right…celebrate puerto rico…the green party is that revolution…pero ahora, yo soy verde…
what can hip-hop do? – rosa says…we can lead a nation with a microphone…the green party will blow the speakers out…
rosa speaks… – a hip-hop progressive radical movement…rosa clemente says…bring it on dick cheney I am ready to debate you…will fight structural racism…militarism
rosa clemente speaks – back on track. rosa asks the house to play some hip hop music before her speech. rosa acknowledges her family friends and supporters including her husband and young daughter. and rosa thanks her friend jared ball. and a list of wbai producers. thanks to best radio network …pacifica. coila clark on stage was a professor and mentor to rosa.


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