Rainbow Gathering: Trading

A unique feature of the Rainbow Gathering is the Trade Circle.  No money is to be exchanged – trading goods or services  for goods or services.  I even traded two jokes for two peace pins!
This is Aly Young, aspiring photographer from Kansas, who traded me some of her photos for a crocheted wool hat I made (click the link on her name to see her blog):

This man melted glass into two beautiful beads for me that Tom traded for some tobacco:

This is a photo of another woman who traded for one of my hand crocheted wool hats I made:

Our Trade Blanket:


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Gathering: Trading

  1. OMG a bunch of smelly hippies!!! Just kidding, I just had to throw in the stereotype. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.
    BTW is the Free Speech Zone still operating? I’ve passed their new location a few times but they were always closed.
    I am hoping to get more involved in the anti-war movement this fall, hope to see you then.
    Brandon Walker


  2. Hey Brandon:
    FSZ will open late this month. Raphael has had a really hard time with the City giving her shit about getting her permit to open. She had to convert it to commercial code. Tom has been doing her electric and is almost finished that, so it’s getting closer. If you walk by again, go knock on the door….


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