Rainbow Gathering: Camps and Kitchens

The Rainbow Gathering has been occurring annually since 1972.  Each year the “Gathering of Tribes” is held in a different National Forest.  There are numerous kitchens and camps at the Gathering. 

We called our little camp “Welcome Om”:

Our friend who owns the Salt Lake City Info Shop Free Speech Zone set up her camp there too:

We also hung banners for People for Peace and Justice of Utah

and the Green Party Peace Network

Below are photos of a few other camps and kitchens.  Notice the details and creativity in the construction of the ovens and kitchen/camp sites.

One of our favorite kitchens was Lovin’ Ovens, which made the most wonderful pastries!  They must have had an artist – notice the art on top of the oven:
Front side of oven:

Back side of oven:

This is another kitchen with a constructed oven – Earth Stoned:

and the Information Tent:

Free Speech Zone is listed on the info map:

There was a list of classes and events and performances:


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