Rainbow Gathering: Around and About

A really cool feature of the Rainbow Gathering is just taking in the sights – the people and all the creativity.  Here are more photos:

A labyrinth in a field of “cairn art”

Peace Art


A very creative (and probably labor intensive!) fire pit for nightly entertainment:

The Prayer Pole in the Main Meadow where all the meals are served and the Meditation for World Peace on July 4:

This is Tianna  from Hawaii.  I was struck by her creativity during her pregnancy:

July 4:  Meditation for World Peace (thousands of people encircling the main meadow with hands held chanting “OM”, followed by a parade led by Kiddie Village and then culminating in a big boisterous celebration that lasts all day and night:

Colorful People blowing bubbles during July 4th celebration:

This is the very colorful “Grandpa Woodstock” who is a regular attendee of the Annual Gathering.  He told me that I was “very beautiful and could be Queen of the Blueberry Blossoms”!

It was great to be with friends from Utah:

The area was very beautiful.  We walked along the Dutch Joe River….

….and walked to the top of a rock with dozens of other folks to watch the sunset:


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