Utah Free Media

A group of former KRCL DJ’s and Show Hosts have formed Utah Free Media as a repsonse to the reformatting of what used to be independent community radio, KRCL.
(“used to be” is my opinion….)

Utah Free Media is a non-profit entity, founded by people who know community radio and will rely on the involvement of volunteers who are dedicated to quality on-air programming, are already trained to use a board, and, in some cases, have an established listenership from their former programs at KRCL. It is founded around the idea that community radio should be as transparent as possible. To this end, Utah Free Media is committed to posting as much information about the processes and procedures governing the station not just to the volunteers, but to the listeners as well.

UTAH FREE MEDIA is up and streaming live Monday through Friday 9am to 9pm (then we rebroadcast overnight 9pm to 9am).


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