“Welcome” Bush to Salt Lake City

I was invited to help organize a rally to protest Bush being in SLC on Wednesday.  The organizing is taking place through Rocky Anderson’s non-profit organization, High Roads for Human Rights Advocacy Project.  Although I am happy that some type of event is being held and that Daniel Ellsberg will be a featured speaker, I chose not to continue my participation in organizing that event.  Instead, I and a number of other folks, feeling a need to do something more than just stand around and listen to speakers at a time of day when GW won’t even be around, organized an opportunity for folks to actually make a statement.  Below is the result of our organized response to Bush being in Salt Lake City to raise funds for John McCain at two high priced dinners

If you want to make a statement, attend the mid day protest. 

To listen to speakers and music, attend the evening rally.

Resident Bush and Mitt Romney will be in Salt Lake City Wednesday, May 28 to engage in fund raising for the presidential campaign of John McCain. They will be doing a fund raising luncheon at or near the Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake early in the afternoon that day and a more high priced affair at the private home of MItt Romney that evening. The following day Bush plans to meet with LDS officials.

Come out to “welcome” George W. Bush on Wednesday:

Meet Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. at the fountain on the west side of the City/County building at Washington Square (500 South State Street). We will be just a short walk from where the luncheon is supposedly going to be held and we can get set up with signs for the cavalcade’s arrival that way.

If you don’t want to meet – that’s cool too, just show up at the Grand America whenever your intuition tells you would be the most effective time (I’m guessing a little before noon).

Bring signs and your great energy!!
Tell everyone!

There will be another rally at 5:30 at Washington Square with guest speakers. You can view the details of that event at:


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