Human Rights Torch Relay Rally Event

Despite biting northwest winds with extreme wind chill factors, about 150 people came out for the Human Rights Torch Relay Rally today. A peace walk occured around Salt Lake city, followed by a rally with speakers. There was supposed to be music, but it was so cold that the program was cut short. I got to deliver my speech, but I cut it very short due to the temperatures.

The event did not go without incident. “Counter-protestors”, most likely bussed in to SLC and all cities along the route, supporters of the Chinese government, appeared along the peace walk route. I will be posting videos as I get them uploaded to portray what I cannot convey in words.

Here are some photos:
Chinese Government Supporters:

Human Rights Advocates

Giving my speech

News Coverage

China Tibet controversy comes to Salt Lake
Salt Lake protesters trade harsh words on Tibet


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