4,000th U.S. Soldier Death in Iraq Reported

4,000th death announced in today’s Utah papers – vigil will be Tuesday night, March 25th, 6pm

Since January, People for Peace and Justice of Utah has been announcing that when the news hits the papers that the 4,000th U.S. soldier has been killed in Iraq, we will hold a vigil the DAY AFTER that announcement in Utah papers.
That announcement was made today in the Utah papers and around the world:
Utah Papers
Salt Lake Tribune: US death toll in Iraq war hits 4,000
Deseret News: Green Zone in Iraq is hit hard
Around the World
Reuters: U.S. toll in Iraq hits 4,000
Aljazeera: US death toll in Iraq hits 4,000
Times Online: Roadside bomb takes American death toll in Iraq to 4,000
Bloomberg.com: Four U.S. Soldiers Die in Iraq; War Toll Is at 4,000
Los Angeles Times: U.S. toll in Iraq reaches 4,000

***Therefore*** Please make plans to attend our vigil on Tuesday, March 25th, 6pm, 100 State Street, on the sidewalk in front of the Federal Building in downtown Salt Lake city. Original Announcement: March 16, 2008: 4000th U.S. Solider death is fast approaching.
Listen to the psa Gather for a memorial vigil the day after the newspapers publish this grim milestone.
Sidewalk in front of Federal Building, 100 South State Street, SLC
Bring signs, battery candles, flashlights
Military Fatalities here


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