Earthquake in Utah

I felt the effects of an earthquake this morning and am quoted in this article:
Quake hits NE Nevada, has buildings swaying in downtown Salt Lake City
By Bob Mims and Erin Alberty
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 02/21/2008 08:50:06 AM MST

Updated: 8:49 AM- A northeastern Nevada earthquake of 6.0 magnitude shook buildings some  200 miles away in downtown Salt Lake City this morning. The seismic event had buildings  swaying for several minutes.
  Detective Sgt. Donald Burnum of the West Wendover, Nev., Police Department said there  had been numerous called from concerned area residents. No damage had immediately been  reported in his city, but heavily damaged buildings, fires and propane leaks were being
reported in nearby Wells, Nev.
    Wells Mayor Rusty Tibo confirmed to 2News that “some of our older historic buildings  have collapsed, I’m told” and that water main ruptured and some propane leaks were  reported — but fortunately, no injuries were immediately reported. Wells schools are
closed as a precaution.
    The seismic event, reportedly with an epicenter 42 miles west of Wendover and 11  miles east-southeast of Wells, struck at 7:16 a.m., had buildings swaying for several  minutes. The Salt Lake Tribune’s seven-story building the Gateway Mall shook in an
east-to-west fashion; light fixtures swayed about six inches to a foot.
    Sheryl Peterson of the University of Utah Seismograph Stations confirmed the quake  had been felt throughout the area. Reports of the quake being felt extended as far north  as Preston, Idaho, and south through the Salt Lake Valley into Utah County.
    In Salt Lake City, Deanna Taylor was at her desk at City Academy, 555 E. 200 South,  when the quake rolled through the area.
    “I was sitting at my desk . . . and all of a sudden the floor under me started  shaking and things on my desk started rattling and all the hanging plants in my office – and throughout the building, were swaying,” Taylor said.
    Taylor says she first learned it had actually been an earthquake when she quickly  accessed The Salt Lake Tribune’s Web site, “after I calmed myself, and saw your post.”

    Spencer Johnson of Preston in southeastern Idaho told the Tribune that he “distinctly  felt the earthquake this morning at my home. The cords on my blinds were swaying lazily  about an inch to either side.
    “It was gentle enough that I wasn’t sure whether I was feeling an earthquake or  whether I was just going dizzy for some reason. But my suspicions were confirmed when I  checked your website 15 minutes later,” he added.
    Don Nash of Wendover, Utah, said the quake “Wigged out our dog. We received rattling  and some shaking but, mostly minor stuff. “


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