McKinney seeks access to Georgia’s presidential ballot

She’s baaaaaaack! But not to run for Congress.

Former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, now seeking the presidential nomination of the Green Party, was campaigning in Washington Tuesday and told our colleague Scott MacFarlane of Cox Broadcasting that she’s working to get her name on Georgia’s 2008 presidential ballot.

McKinney, a former Democrat, lost her bid for a seventh congressional term in 2006 after she got into an altercation with a Capitol police officer. She left Georgia shortly after that, bound for California.

Still, there were those in Dekalb County who wondered – Hoped? Feared? – if she’d return to Georgia to challenge the man who took her seat, Rep. Hank Johnson. But McKinney now says that’s not going to happen.

“There are a lot of people in the state of Georgia who’d like to see me go back to Congress,” McKinney said. “But what I’m learning is that there are a lot of people in New York, Massachusetts, California, and Wisconsin who’d like to see me do this job first.”

The Green Party needs 40,000 petition signatures to get its nominee on Georgia’s ballot. So far, it has fewer than 3,000.


2 thoughts on “McKinney seeks access to Georgia’s presidential ballot

  1. I suspect this is a tough year for the Green Party to try to get on presidential ballots. The intense desire of progressive-minded voters to get a Republican out of office may make people fear that a Green Party candidate would help elect McCain, who would continue a lot of George Bush’s disastrous policies. As you know, a lot of people think that Ralph Nader was partly responsible for GWB getting elected in 2000. (I know that the Green Party disagrees, but that’s still the perception of a lot of people.) I suspect that the Greens will have a tougher time this year than it normally would.


  2. Oh, good Lord. And what did the greens have in 2004 ? In 2000 ? Yeah, it was all love songs and flowers tossed from balconies back then, right ?
    PLEASE. I’m really sick and tired of Democrats and their chickenshit excuses for protecting their corrupt party and the system that nutures it. If they enjoy being ripped off and treated like shit year after year, let them at least have the honesty to say so. Enough with this bullshit about how it’s just not the right moment right now so come back later.
    Face it. If Gore had been a two-term president the same clowns who whine about getting out the Republicans in this universe would be whining in the other one about how Gore was a God-Made-Flesh and how the Greens must be stopped lest they tarnish his precious precious legacy.
    Grow the fuck up, Dems. Stop insulting my intelligence with this patronizing bullshit.


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