Jared Ball Ends Campaign: Supports Cynthia McKinney

Jared Ball has ended his campaign to support the Presidential Campaign of Cynthia McKinney

From the Jared Ball Campaign Website:
At the closing of the recent Green Party Presidential Debate, Jared Ball announced that his campaign would yield to and support Cynthia McKinney’s bid for the Green Party Presidential Nominee. The “Capitol Resistance” component of the “Jared Ball for President” campaign will join the McKinney team and serve as the outreach and presentation arm of the her campaign.Please accept our thanks for your support and encouragement during our campaign – with special thanks to the volunteers and donors who made our work possible. Supporting the Green Party and any Presidential Candidate the party chooses is one basic step that any concerned citizen should take to bring about positive change in our nation today. Our campaign has been about building the Green Party and opening its doors to the true majority in this nation – women, the indigenous, the Hispanics, African-Americans and all poor and working class residents of our country without representation. We hope you will to join us in supporting the McKinney campaign to bring about this reality for the benefit of our communities.Peace,
Jared Ball for President Campaign

ps. You can continue to support Jared Ball’s work by visiting Voxunion Media home of FreeMix Radio, the Original Mixtape Radio Show and other potent media.


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