World Peace Day on the Winter Solstice

World Peace Day on The Winter Solstice

World Peace Day occurs on the Winter
Solstice each year.
This year it will fall on Thursday,
December 21st. Don Orne,
the Coordinator of World Peace Day
since 1994, invites
everyone to celebrate the Winter
Solstice with prayer and
meditation in his or her own way so
that we all join together
as one unified global body.

World Peace Day is a Global celebration
for all people of
Planet Earth. Imagine people all over
the world sharing an
hour of prayer and song, dance and
chanting, meditation and
ritual honoring themselves, their
families –living and dead —
their town, country and global family.
Each person brings to
the celebration the love, compassion
and understanding to
embrace the healing of social,
ecological and spiritual
challenges before him/her.

Don traditionally uses his Peace Gong
to honor the Four
Directions and to reverberate Peace
through sound and
intention to the entire global
community in conjunction with
others whose mission is peace and

It is hoped that the awareness that
World Peace Day is a
Global Prayer Day as each person prays in his or her own way, will be
enough to shift people’s
actions and thoughts from fear to faith, from hatred to compassion,
from bitterness to
tenderness, from revenge to resonance, from separation to unity, and
from emptiness to fullness
of body, mind, heart, emotion and spirit.

World Peace Day is a time for us all to align our energies and put
aside differences while
honoring the sacred in one another.

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