Peace survey for Green Party Presidential Candidates

The survey below has been sent to all the Candidates seeking the GPUS nomination for U.S. President on behalf of members of the Green Party Peace Network (GPPN).  Members will distribute the answers to their state parties and they will be posted on this blog and at the GPPN blog.
GPUS Presidential Candidate Peace Issues Survey:

1. What is your position / policy on the following Issues:
                –War and Occupation of Iraq
                –Waging war on other countries (Iran)
    –Disparity in the percentage of U.S. government revenues devoted to
                  militarism vs. domestic and social needs
                –No Child Left Behind and military recruiting in schools?
                –Support of a draft or “War tax”
    –Support of a “war-profiteering” tax for those companies making
                  windfall profits from this war?
                –The idea of a surtax on incomes over a certain level
                –Alternative energy sources
    –Climate change (specifically, what goals would you prioritize)

2. What support would you hope to get from states in the GPUS?


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