kat for president in 2008

you and i will likely disagree on something, conflict is inevitable

what matters is how we attain
unity and harmony
with the conflict.

please read my words with an open mind and if you get angry – good, but come back and see if we are in disagreement or if you really don’t want a world that honors all life for generations to come. if the former, keep reading, read it again, get to the end.

i’ve agonized over what information to put out there, what residents of this united states of america
need to know about me as a candidate to make informed choices about supporting an not-famous, barely old enough, female candidate with a personal history that is all too often condoned by the complacency of adults to repeat the behaviors and patterns of their parents because it is easier than to address the proven result of the manner in which we, as a society treat ourselves, our children and each other.

if you look hard enough or in the corners, you’ll find that authors and speakers have been attempting to address this subject but have been kept silent by the politicians, professional associations (like the AMA, ADA, American Psychiatrists Association, etc.), our government agencies that operate outside of congressional jurisdiction, teachings of authors and religious leaders that say it is a mortal sin to not be violent towards children through physical violence, i.e. the spectrum of corporal punishment, denying access to birth control, misinformation about reproductive health and pregnancy, not teaching our children about their bodies and what other people will do to their young bodies if allowed (read this to mean perpetration of inappropriate sexual contact, verbal or physical, by an adult towards a child) and so on, and others who continue to do unto others as was done to them.


The Media will not be covering this campaign. The revolution will not be televised, and it will likely be shut down on the internet if monopolistic corporations have their way in congress (see SaveTheInternet.com). [Media=corporate controlled media like Fox, Clear Channel, etc.; media=outlets with journalistic integrity of fair and balanced coverage of public information like Independent Weekly in Durham, NC (disclosure: one of the writers is a friend with whom i had the pleasure of working with and learning from)]

my personal finances are not such that i can hire PR people, Media gurus, strategists, etc. i am in the same position as the majority of americans who do not have the means to compete in the campaigning world in the same way as all the candidates you will hear about in the Media.

this is possible to change, however.

as Gloria Steinem said, “The Truth Will Set You Free, but First it Will Piss You Off”.

The same old bullshit thrown at you every four years can hit you, miss by a mile or take another course. if we can see it coming we can consciously decide to take another course or we can continue to live in apathy. denial. ignoring the blatant theft of our constitutional rights as residents of this land that was stolen from those who were here before. remembering that it was not america that stole the land it was europeans, predominantly english, french and spanish, who committed the genocide. america was born out of european colonialism and genocide that we continue today, both here at home and abroad. for this we must seek rectification of trust with the land, our treaties and our people that we have kept from living life fully.

i took it on faith that our “forefathers” had good intentions when i was a child. when i grew up, i was able to put their actions in context of the times. i did not have rights as a full person, my brothers and sisters from the african continent were less than i would have been. my first predecessor, Victoria Woodhull, attempted to open the eyes of americans before women had the right to vote. my second predecessor, Shirley Chisholm, attempted the same.

It is my intention to follow in these women’s footsteps.

our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter, said Dr. King over 40 years ago from a jail cell. i hope to avoid the cell and have been privileged thus far, but…

i don’t want my life to end because of my silence.

this is why i am going to say what i think and if you disagree i hope you’ll share that with me instead of turning me off and turning back on the apathy or same old comfortable politicians as usual.

see my 2007 City Council campaign site.

College Paper (pdf) by Lance N. Decker from April 12, 2007
If you use this info, cite it!
“This paper is well done. I might edit a few details, but close enough.” – kat swift

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