Vouchers Voted Down – So Now What?

Yesterday’s local news reported that those for and against school vouchers will work towards improving our public schools:

After 38 percent backed vouchers, fans and foes vow to work for change
“There are 150,000 Utahns out there saying, ‘We need to change our education system,’ ” voucher backer Doug Holmes said.
Rep. Sheryl Allen, R-Bountiful, who opposed vouchers, said the fight lends a new sense of urgency to improving Utah education.
“The debate was great because people did get engaged in it,” Allen said. “But now it’s time to settle down and get into the hard work.”

Voucher battle opens way for improving public schools(Opinion)
In the spirit of reconciliation, I beseech those who opposed vouchers to put forth their ideas for change and improvement now, and to forcefully take them to every member of the Legislature and to the governor himself.
I also implore our state leaders to accept these ideas, to carefully consider their relative costs and benefits, and to immediately initiate the suggestions they feel will do the most good.
The time is now to push us forward. If we wait too long, the system will fall back to sleep and our recent trials and tribulations will have been in vain.


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