Comments from a teacher on school vouchers

I am on a discusson list of citizens who discuss local issues.  One member wrote this in about school vouchers:

I’ve been flooded with claims about how vouchers will help or hurt education in Utah. Something that happened in my own
classroom a couple of weeks ago brought the dialogue into focus for me…

The parents of a student in my 6th grade class came to my room and asked how I might use $750 with my class. Trying to hide my shock at this offer, I explained I would like to take our students to various locations for more “hands-on” science experiences (curriculum-based field trips.) This amount would enable not only my class but two other

classes to take four field trips. The money was made available as a tax-deductible contribution through the Education Foundation.

These parents directly influenced the nature of the educational experience of their child. In their small way, they made a difference.
And, they will receive a direct tax benefit from the effort.

I’ve heard it argued that our current public education system won’t allow the kinds of innovation, change, etc. that we need to make it different… I disagree. When was it decided the public school system was damaged goods? By whom?

It’s your money. Do you want the state to transfer your money to a student you don’t know so they can have a ‘different’ education
experience? Or, will you get involved and make a difference of your choosing. Calling vouchers a ‘school choice’ initative is just another misleading claim. Each of us needs to step-up and take our own initative to improve our neighborhood schools. Step-up and choose where and how your money will make a difference.



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