Going to Ft. Benning

Tom turned 50 today.  It’s also John Lennon’s birthday – he would have been 67 (see post below).  It’s a great day in my life……

For his birthday, I presented Tom with airline tickets to go to Georgia (Ft. Benning) for the annual CLOSE THE SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS event, where over 10,000 people annually vigil at the gates to Ft. Benning in an effort to shut down the “School of Assassins”.

Tom has always wanted to go to this event (as have I!) and so it will be reality this year!


One thought on “Going to Ft. Benning

  1. Why stop at the gate?
    This item came to me via Google Alerts. I am the public affairs officer for the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, created in law by Congress and President Clinton almost seven years ago to replace the Army’s School of the Americas. We are open to visitors any work day, so if the person you are buying the tickets for is here on Friday or Monday, he could come to our door and see the institute and classes in session. If he is only here for the weekend, he could join the 550 plus people who are participating in our open house tours on Saturday, Nov. 17. Just contact me at: lee.rials@us.army.mil and I’ll get the information to you.
    Lee A. Rials
    WHINSEC Public Affairs


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