October 27 demonstrations – Salt Lake and around

United for Peace and Justice has called for mass actions on October 27 around the country. Salt Lake City is serving as one of the cities where an action will occur.

I have been contacting the folks who are organizing the event in Salt Lake City for over a month now to request at that the Green Party, a coalition member of UFPJ, be well represented with a speaker. My request has been stalled and finally I got an answer over the weekend – NO. Even after I pointed out that I have been speaking nationally on behalf of the Green Party of the United States and that the Green Party is overwhelmingly welcomed at all other events around the country.

The excuse given to me is that there are many “out of state” people speaking. I was then invited to “buy” tabling space for the Green Party at this event. (Note – at all the national actions I have been to, never has there been a request for people to “pay” for tabling space. People and organizations are invited to just show up with their tabling stuff – and warmly welcomed to do so.)

The fact that Utah organizers are shutting out Greens in this event as a strong visible presence in Salt Lake City is gravely disappointing. They are not being inclusive have THE ONLY PEACE PARTY be able to be a rousing addition to the program. I was so enthusiastically received in LA with my speech that I couldn’t even leave the stage before many participants were approaching me with such positiveness that I knew I had said the right things to be so inspiring.

I am hoping the Utah organizers change their minds and decide to include Greens as part of the October 27 event that will happen in Salt Lake City.


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