March and Rally in LA

Approximately 1,000 people participated in the Anti-War March and Rally in downtown Los Angeles Saturday, September 29, 2007. The event was organized by the Troops Out Now Coalition. Messages centered around withdrawing troops from Iraq immediately, stopping an impending war with Iran, freeing the Jenna 6, getting Greens elected to office, and diverting funds from war to services for people in the United States.

Deanna Tom GPAX banner

See more accounts of LA and DC at the GPAX blog.


2 thoughts on “March and Rally in LA

  1. The demands of the organizers, and therefore by participants, for this action were:
    –Troops Out Now
    –Impeach Bush & Cheney for War Crimes
    –End All Occupations — from Iraq to Palestine to Haiti to the Philippines
    –Let’s act in unity with many movements and struggles raising demands including:
    –No war against Iran
    –The Right to Return – from Palestine to New Orleans
    –No to U.S. intervention – Hands off Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Zimbabwe & Sudan
    –Stop the raids against immigrant workers – Full rights for undocumented workers
    –Justice for Katrina survivors –
    End racist police terror –
    Stop the war against Muslims
    –Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, the Cuban Five, Jose Maria Sison & all political prisoners
    –$$$ for healthcare, jobs & education, not endless war
    In other words, the protest was in response to the continued waged wars on people around the world – including in America.
    The Jena 6 is just another example of the war that is going on in the U.S. – on the poor, persons of color and underpriveleged.
    You can read more on the Green Party’s position on the Jena 6 issue at:


  2. October 27th event in Salt Lake City
    Deanna, great blog; good job with all your hard work. Looking forward to working toward ending the war, in unity with you and other Greens and Non-Greens at the October 27th event!
    Kim Spangrude
    Utah MFSO and We the People For Peace and Justice


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