Property Tax Rates in Utah

Earlier this week I saw an article in the Desert News about Utah Property Tax Rate Hikes.

Increases are being sought by at least 22 of the state’s 40 school districts, 25 of its 242 cities and towns, five of its 29 counties and 14 special districts.
Many increases proposed this year are huge. For example, five local governments are proposing to at least double their tax rates beyond levels needed to produce the same revenue as last year.
They are: Kanarraville (365 percent, or $173 on a $200,000 home); Garden City (344 percent, or $89); the Uintah Highlands district (183 percent, or $57); the West Millard Mosquito Abatement District (121 percent, or $24); and Woodland Hills (113 percent, or $167).

The reasons cited are because property taxes haven’t increased in these communities for quite some time. While this may be true, it is also important to note that the Bush administration has continued to provide tax breaks which have primarily benefitted the most wealthy in this country, leaving states with less federal monies which trickles on down into the tiniest of communities. So the recourse is to increase taxes locally that effect the majority of working people.

I favor everyone being taxed at rates that are fair for the income people have so that tax money can be then used for providing much needed services for our people. I do not, however, favor this type of sudden tax increase because of the travesty of the current administration in our federal government (after all, this is the root cause of all of this). While the wealthiest people and their corporations in our country enjoy the benefits of not having to pay taxes – or fewer taxes, the rest of us bear the burden of having to make up for the lack of those taxes with absurd sudden fluctuations so that our communities can provide services to citizens.

It’s just not right.


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