Green Party National Meeting – Photos of Ralph Nader Event

The feature for the Green Party National Annual Meeting on Saturday, July 14 was Ralph Nader, speaking to the issue of ballot access and and challenges to ballot access.

Prior to the event, this delegate from Georgia picketed outside to urge Nader to seek the Green Party *nomination* for President (2008) and not merely an endorsement by the Green Party:

Nader’s presidential campaign was pulled from the ballot in PA in 2004 which resulted in a legal battle which is still continuing, including the state trying to collect money from the Nader campaign.   At the end of his speech, Nader auctioned two of his books which raised a few thousand dollars for the GPUS.  You can view videos at these sites:
Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader Press Conference on Ballot Access
Ralph Nader – speaking on challenging the system and ballot access
Nader & Romanelli Press Conference on Pennsylvania Ballot Access
Below are some photos of the event:


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