Green Party National Meeting – Photos of Presidential Candidate Forum

A Forum was held at the Green Party of the United States Annual National Meeting on Friday, July 13, 2007 for people who have thus far declared their intentions to seek the Green Party of the United States 2008 Nomination for President of the United States.  There were several candidates who either do not yet belong the Green Party or just joined the Green Party over the course of the National Meeting.  However, over half of the candidates have been active Green Party members.

I will be posting later about two big names that gave presentations at this year’s National Meeting who many in the GPUS are attempting to pursuade them and ultimately the GPUS to run on the 2008 Green ticket.

Here are photos I took and links to You Tube Videos that California Delegate Mike  Feinstein Produced.  You can watch the videos to get an idea of each person’s platform.
Panel of Candidates and Barbara Rodgers-Hendricks (FLA), moderator:

Jared Ball – Washington, D.C.                          M. Jingozian
– Oregon  
Jesse Johnson – West Virginia                        Jerry Kahn – New York City

Kent Mesplay – California                                Gail Parker – Virginia Independent Greens (not GPUS affiliated)
Kat Swift – Texas                                               Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyawaisifza-Curry
– Vice President Hopeful                                                                              from California

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