Almost home – view of America

Today is my birthday – my 48th birthday.  I am spending it on the road (for the last three weeks) traveling about the country and seeing lots of people and lots of the United States.

Tom and I are almost home, having stopped in Nebraska last night for the night.  In the three weeks we have been on vacation we have seen thousands of miles of the U.S., having our eyes opened – again – to what is out there,  The beauty of nature, the people, the politics. 

We spent 5 days traveling in the northern U.S., seeing the Great Lakes along the way and all the beauty of that part of the country.  Our destination – Reading, PA.

We then spent 5 days with Greens from all over the U.S. in an exciting Annual National Meeting which included discussion of vision, collaborating on issue strategiziing, and hearing Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney speak. 

We spent 10 days with my family in Maryland – my parents, all my children, my siblings, my grandson – a wonderful time we all had together.  I learned I am going to be a grandmother – again! 

We walked with Cindy Sheehan, Medea Benjamin, Ray McGovern, Col. Ann Wright, The Rev. Lennox Yearwood – and 300 other friends from all over the U.S. in Washington the capitol where 60 people were arrested in John Conyers’ office in a sit-in to demand that Impeachment of Bush and Cheney begin.

We have been spending the last few days on the road again – this time going a little faster to get home since we are tired, but oh so grateful to have had all the experiences we have had this time around.  We come home eager to rest a bit, tend to the garden, reunite with our activist community and get back to work with our renewed vision and energy to continue to educate others on the importance of saving our planet through our peace and justice work.

Over the next week I will be posting photos and movies of our experiences.


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