Our illustrious Supreme Court…..

Crooks and Liars has a great piece on the U.S. Supreme’s court decision so far this term:

In one full term, this Court has severely curbed local efforts to promote racial diversity in schools, upheld a right-wing ban on a necessary medical procedure for women, curbed students’ free speech rights, crippled Congress’ ability to keep corporate money out of political advertising, prevented taxpayers from challenging the constitutionality of Bush’s faith-based initiatives, made it almost impossible for women to prevail on claims of longterm sex discrimination . . . and they’re just getting started.

I had read with interesta couple of days ago, and forwarded on to my colleagues, an article on the Court’s decision to curb free speech rights of students in public schools.  Working in a First Amendment school, cases like these are of particular interest in that they may have an impact on that initiative.


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