The Green Party of the United States is putting together a special email to producers  promoting the GPUS speakers on  health care to coincide with the  national opening of “Sicko” this Friday.  I was asked to provide a couple of sentences for this.  Listen to it here.

Michael Moore’s new documentary, “Sicko”, will open this Friday all over the U.S.  Listen to Democarcy Now’s Amy Goodman interview Michael Moore on Sicko here.

The L.A. debut of “Sicko” was held on the streets of Skid Row Monday night.  Michael Moore welcomed hundreds of homeless and low income to come out for free and see his film and he provided free popcorn and soda pop.

The film promises to be an eye opener into health care around the world and how the U.S.’s health care system fares compared to other countries. 


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