Abortion, Life, the planet, and human existence

Yesterday I received and email from someone (whom I had never heard of or met, to the best of my knowledge) asking me my position on abortion.  Here is how I responded:

I support a woman’s right to choose safe, legal abortion and believe that reproductive  and health issues must remain a medical matter between individuals and their health care  providers.

The questioner responded back to me with something to this effect:
I’m sorry.  I pray that someday you will live up to  “I pledge allegiance to all life and its interpendent diversity.” (referring to my “Pledge to Life” in my left sidebar)

My response, via this blog only (I have invited the person who emailed me to continue the discussion on this blog so that others may also join in – the person responded to that email, after requesting no further email communication, with I understand. The truth is not always easy.):

This person obviously has an egocentric and narrow-minded view of life – “all life”.  While entire species and habitats, upon which humans rely for its very existence, are being destroyed and becoming extinct, this person is concerned with only one aspect of life – human life.  People like this expend energy on addressing only human life as if it were the end all and be all of life.  If humans died off, the world would not be in jeopardy. Life would continue to thrive ( dare say it would also not only thrive, but would be better off without the destructive impact of the human species….).   If the blue green algae dies off, as one example, humans are doomed.

“Life” began before humans.  “Life” is being destroyed by humans.  I suspect that the possibility exists that “Life” will likely re-generate itself after the human species dies off because of the destructiveness to “life” it in which it engages.

I encourage people to take some time and view the video clips on life at Global Mindshift.


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