GPUS Speakers Bureau

I’ve accepted.

Look for my bio and other information soon (as of this writing it’s not yet posted) at Green Party of the United States Speakers Bureau

Basically, I may be asked to appear on  TV and radio shows. I was told that by those that heard me speak
in Tucson that I was great and would be good for this project.

Here is the info I submitted for the Speakers Bureau Page:

Deanna L. Taylor, Utah

Co-Chair; Alternate Delegate

Desert Greens Green Party of Utah

7715 South 1300 West

West Jordan, UT  84084

801-631-2998 (cell)

801-566-7175 (fax) (email)



Deanna Taylor grew up in Frederick County, Maryland. She moved to Utah in the late 1990’s and lives in West Jordan with her husband, Tom King. Deanna holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction and is licensed in music and special education.  Deanna currently is employed as the Director of Special Education Services, Coordinator of Academic Service Learning, and Music Specialist at a Utah Public Charter School.

Deanna began her political activity with the Maryland House of Delegates campaign of her Dad when she was in college.  She served as his treasurer during the three campaigns he ran for that office.  When Deanna moved to Utah, she took advantage of the opportunity to join the Green Party since the values of the party aligned with her own.   Deanna is currently a Co-Coordinator and Alternate Delegate of the Desert Greens Green Party of Utah She ran for Salt Lake County Council in the 2006 elections.

Deanna participates with People for Peace and Justice of Utah and is very active on peace and social justice issues.  She is also active in anti-nuclear testing and waste issues and projects. Deanna and Tom are cofounders of Blue Sky Institute, a progressive educational non-profit organization. They are currently developing plans for a Utah Peace House to serve as a hub for peace activism in Utah. 


(can be seen at



A quality education should be guaranteed to everyone, including equal access to resources such as books, school facilities that work, and great teachers who are paid enough to stay in the profession.

Blog Posts:

Environment (including nuclear issues)

I love the earth and all life. I have a respect for the diversity of life and our ecosystem. I advocate for cleaner energy, greener building standards, and more restrictions on development and growth. I would like to see improvements in our recycling programs, mass transportation and bicycle trails. I advocate for the development of walkable communities. All of this would have less impact on our environment and improve the health of its life, including that of humans.

Blog Posts:


Supports guaranteeing Universal Health Care to everyone. She supports policy that would insure health care benefits to all employees, inclusive of domestic partner benefits.

Blog Posts:


Blog Posts:

I feel strongly that non-violence must begin at the very local level, beginning with family and local schools, towns, cities, counties and states. I feel that schools are not the place for military recruitment and therefore am opposed to the provision in the No Child Left Behind Act that permits recruiters to request student records for recruiting purposes. Schools are for children to learn – not to be recruited.

I strongly advocate for the development of peace resolutions in schools, municipalities, and county governments so that all citizens and policy makers “walk the talk”.  I advocate for abolishing militarism is all aspects of our lives.


Blog Posts:

Current Spending and Funding:

First and foremost, I believe that current funding that is being spent on building new roads needs to be adjusted so that less funding is allocated for new roads and more funding allocated to improving mass transit, including increasing bus routes and their frequency.

See more information at transportation.php

Women’s issues

Blog Posts:

Speech at the Green Party Annual National Meeting in Tucson, July 2007:  -text – video



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