Reunion with Western Shoshone Corbin Harney in Nevada

I was pleased to see a photo of mine published on the CENSORED website:

Reunion with Western Shoshone Corbin Harney in Nevada

(Corbin Harney at Nuclear Test Site 2006 Photo Deanna Taylor)

From Peace Camp, near the Nuclear Test Site:

May 9, 2007

Hello Everyone,

The Ceremony has already begun. We’re in it now.

Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts for the benefit of this Reunion with Corbin. He looks great. He sounds great. He’s strong & positive. Please continue to send him loving energy and prayers. He says that’s the only reason why he’s alive, and we all know the power of prayer! Also, please include in your prayers, his caretaker Patricia, Poo Ha Bah, Shundahi Network, Johnnie Bob’s Spirit Run and all the Elders & participants who are coming together this weekend to honor Corbin and protect all Life and Mother Earth.

Thank you for all the organizations, Spiritual People, activists and those who are contributing to the success of this event. Like Corbin always says, “We have to help each other and unite ourselves together. We have to work together and appreciate one another.”


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