Mothers Day at the Nevada Test Site

Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader, has invited everyone to a Mothers Day Gathering at the Nevada Test Site this weekend.  Corbin has been quite the anti-nuclear activist world-wide and is widely revered and respected.  Corbin’s health has been in state of decline recently and people are gathering this weekend to not only honor our mother earth but also to honor Corbin and his work.  We like to attend these gatherings but cannot this year due to the time it takes to travel there and having to be back by Monday morning for our day jobs.  We have sent our blessings and regards to those gathering this weekend and especially to  Corbin Harney.   Here is the official announcement and information. 

Mothers Day weekend gathering and reunion at Peace Camp, Nevada Test Site, May 11 – 13th, 2007

Corbin Harney invites everyone to a Mothers Day weekend gathering and reunion at Peace Camp, Nevada Test Site, May 11 – 13th
This gathering is to honor Corbin and all who have participated over the decades at NTS to end the nuclear madness and the destruction of our Mother Earth.
Corbin has taught many to respect and protect Mother Earth and traditional ways through ceremony and non-violent direct action.

We’re calling for everyone who loves Mother Earth to join us.







Come Self sufficient for desert camping. Be prepared for hot days and cold nights. Bring plenty of water, food, sunscreen, hats and layered clothing.

This is an invitation to Newe Sogbia (Western Shoshone land) where we observe traditional native spirituality.



Donations are needed for: expenses of gathering, and food for community kitchen. Bring Raffle Items

Fundraising appeal for Mothers Day Gathering

To print a flyer and for more information please visit


JULIA MOON SPARROW Cell: 702 521 7627 Home: 702 304 9859

WILLIE FRAGOSA Cell: 702 812 4664 Home: 702 649 6014

Directions to the NTS Peace Camp

Map to Peace Camp from surrounding areas

The Peace Camp is across from the entrance to the Nevada Test Site, one hour north of Las Vegas, on Highway 95. The camp can be accessed directly from the southbound “Mercury” exit of 95. If you are heading north from Las Vegas, continue past the Mercury exit until the highway is no longer divided (about one mile), pull off on to the shoulder, and make a U turn. Now you should be driving south on Hwy 95. Take the Mercury Exit, look for signs to the camp. The nearest place to get gas, telephone access, food or water is Indian Springs, about 20 miles south of the camp, back towards Las Vegas.


Elders housing will be at Cactus Springs on the west side of Highway 95, 3 miles north of Indian Springs and 15 miles south of Peace Camp and the Nevada Test Site entrance at the Mercury Exit. Look for signs.

  • US 95 North of Las Vegas, 2.5 miles North of Indian Springs look for a road sign indicating an intersection and labeled “Cactus Springs”. There is a grove of cottonwood trees and billboards.
  • *Turn West at the intersection and into a gravel parking area
  • Follow the gravel road at the far right corner of the parking area
  • After a few hundred feet, keep right at a fork and follow signs to the gathering.
  • From: Julia Moonsparrow 5/5/07
    Re: Updated information on location of Mothers Day Weekend Gathering, May 11 – 13, 2007

    The Gathering will take place at Peace Camp at the entrance to the Nevada Test Site, Mercury exit, off of Hwy 95. This is 18 miles north of Indian Springs.

    Hi Folks!

    On May 4th, Willy, Corbin and I spent a wonderful day together visiting and discussing life, important issues and Gathering logistics, including finances and program. We all three concluded that it’s better to take out a loan to be able to shift our base camp location to Peace Camp, so the People can be united. We appreciate the Western Shoshone National Council and the Goddess Temple caretakers for their hospitality in providing Cactus Springs as a base camp, due to lack of funding. We will be using Anne Key’s house and the women’s retreat and the Water available at Cactus Springs for support of this Mother’s Day Reunion.

    Please print, distribute and post the attached recently updated flyer for the Gathering, as well as the attached fundraising letter. Please note the emphasis on financial needs. Everyone, PLEASE do what you can to bring or send more financial support for this event!

    As noted in the attachments, if mailing checks, please be sure to make them out to CER (with “NTS w/Corbin ’07” written in the memo) and mail them to: CER, 104 Commercial St NE, Salem, OR 97301.

    Thank you everyone for your flexibility. Corbin emphasized repeatedly how important these annual events for people uniting together, praying and working together, are to protect all our relations – including our future relations – and to teach the youth how to take care of our Air, our Water, and our Mother Earth. He feels it’s urgent for people to get how important this is. Thank you for your support.


    5/4/07 Hi Everyone!

    This is just a rough draft of the logistics and some program info.

    Thursday, May 10th:
    Wade’s kitchen arrives. Possibility of Sweat Lodge construction either on Goddess Temple land or Corporation of Newe Segobia Land, depending on what is appropriate regarding the Corporation of Newe Segobia and the WSNC.

    Most likely, food from Mountain People’s Warehouse arrives at Cactus Springs (dependent on Mountain People’s trucking schedule).

    Dinner by Wade.

    Friday, May 11th:
    Sunrise Ceremony..

    Breakfast by Wade V. for set-up crew.
    Crew needed to set up tents, etc at Peace Camp.

    Port-a-potties arriving from Las Vegas at Peace Camp

    Set up registration booth


    More set up. PA system, etc.


    Possible special feature screening at sundown of “Trespassing”, courtesy of producer, Carlos DeMendez.

    Saturday, May 12th
    Sunrise Ceremony, walkers arrive into Peace Camp from Johnny Bob’s Spirit Run.


    Honoring Corbin
    Speakers: Corbin, Katherine, representative from WSNC, Darlene.


    Either speakers or visiting time with Corbin, as determined by Corbin.

    Non-violence training for those who are line crossing and need or want training.

    Building Sweat Lodge at Peace Camp. Lodge times to be determined by Lodge Leaders. (Helpers needed.)

    Ceremony and speaking honoring those who’ve crossed over to Spirit World (led by Willy, location determined by Willy).

    Possible special feature screening of “Trespassing”, courtesy of producer, Carlos DeMendez (in Anne’s house).


    Raffle (to provide fundraising for the port-a-potties, etc.)

    Sunday May 13th
    Sunrise Ceremony.

    Note: all Sweat Lodge participants to arrive at Sunrise Ceremony with appropriate Sweat Lodge clothing layered underneath. Bring towels and water to Sunrise Ceremony. Sweat Lodge conducted by Darlene immediately after sunrise. No changing of clothes, or waiting for late comers.

    Breakfast at Peace Camp


    Lodge participants eat set-aside breakfast and re-join the group.

    Corbin to Bless the People before procession to the front gate.

    Front Gate Activities. Line crossing

    Return to Peace Camp


    Breakdown of tents, etc at Peace Camp


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