MoveOn needs to Move Along!

The Democrat funded organization has come under fire for not taking a position on stopping the Iraq War or pushing for Impeachment of the Bush Regime.  Now that Bush has vetoed the Dems “plan” for spending on the Iraq War, moveon has come out with a poll to “ask the American People” if they think impeachment should be put on the table, so they can “plan their next move”.

I’m not sure what this means.  Theoretically, if a move were made by conservatives to complete the online poll in favor of keeping Bush and company in office and to continue funding the Iraq war, would moveon then support the results of such a poll?

The Green Party is the only political party with guts enough to take a position on the Iraq War and on Impeachment.  People should top wasting their time with Democrat funded projects and join up with a party that is not afraid of taking action.  The Green Party has action committees like its Peace Action Committee (GPAX) which is present at every major action in Washington, D.C. and members of which are continually out in the streets doing direct action and taking a stand. 

I think that moveon should move along and get a grip – take a position already!   Better yet, its position should be joining the Green Party!


One thought on “MoveOn needs to Move Along!

  1. MoveOn may be recognizing that there is a legitimate split on this issue among liberals. While I certainly respect the view of those who are advocating impeachment, and I believe Bush may well have committed an impeachable offense (although I haven’t independently analyzed the law), I don’t support it because of what I fear the effect would be on the country. MoveOn may not be able to take a position if they don’t have a consensus among its own members (or contributors or whatever they’re called). Just speculating.


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