Some are bringing street signs, some are bringing freeway signs. Some groups have had t-shirts made. Some will come with art on their bodies.  Some folks will bring giant letters.  Any way your creativity inspires you, SPELL IT OUT:

Listen to the IMPEACH psa now playing on KRCL.

George Bush and Dick Cheney have lied the nation into a disastrous war of aggression, are spying in open violation of the law, and have authorized the use of torture. These high crimes and misdemeanors demand accountability. Since Congress doesn’t seem to get it, on April 28 tens of thousands of Americans – from Miami to North Pole, Alaska – are going to spell it out for them: IMPEACH!

Gather at noon on the sidewalk in front of the Federal Building , 100 South State Street

in downtown Salt Lake City.

Bring signs and your favorite way to spell out IMPEACH!

Speakers, music, soapbox, walk around downtown

Speakers will include:

  • Constitutional Law Scholar  Ed Firmage
  • Bush War Crimes Expert Chuck Tripp
  • Anti-Nuclear and Peace Activist Eileen McCabe

Organized by

People for Peace and Justice of Utah

Desert Greens Green Party of Utah

Operation Democracy Salt Lake Council


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