The People’s Market

I was really impressed with the organizations doing outreach yesterday a the Step It Up! event. One that really intrigued me was The People’s Market, an alternative to the annual Farmers Market in downtown Salt Lake City. I have usually never attended or pursued being part of the already established market for various reasons.  One of those being that I have always felt that there was somewhat of a non-grassroots, almost “nose-in-the-air” quality to the event.  Not that it isn’t a good thing for the community, just not 100% in my comfort zone.

The People’s Market, on the other hand, seems more of a grassroots effort.  The cost to participate is quite reasonable, and non-profits can participate for FREE.  Additioanlly, it is held in Jordan Park, on the “west side”.  This is a good thing since there is a whole community on that side of Salt Lake that needs more of this type of activity.

Here is information from The People’s Market website, which also has some of its items in spanish:

Our Mission

The People’s Market will help build a more robust food system, small-scale entrepreneurship, and community pride.

Our Goal

The People’s Market is an opportunity for residents, local growers, and city-wide consumers to come together for good food and great bargains on locally produced items.

Our Roots

Originally conceived within a local, community leadership program, the People’s Market is a
true grassroots effort to improve our local quality of life. Get an idea about the development and history of the People’s Market by reading this email log.

They also offer this information and services, including a barter board:

How you can participate

  • Come to the market – meet your neighbors, purchase some fresh foods or locally produced items.
  • Become a vendor – bring something you have produced to the market. Download the Vendor Application.
  • List your service on the Barter Board – If you possess a specialized skill, perform a useful service, or own a unique piece of equipment then you can share it with your neighbors on our services board
  • Volunteer to help organize the market – This grassroots effort needs people like you to help “cultivate” the market. Sign up and make a difference.
  • Spread the Word Download and print this brochure. (Español) or Download a Flyer

For more information about how you can help conatct Kyle LaMalfa at 801-842-1619 or email


I plan to check out this new market, and perhaps even pursue some tabling opportunities.


One thought on “The People’s Market

  1. Thanks
    Thanks for the props! We have put a ton of work into this all-volunteer project. Here are some more updates for this year:
    1. We will be able to accept food stamps
    2. We have music booked for every event
    3. We are still have a small number of empty slots for vending and tabling
    See you at the market!


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