Carnival of the Green

I have been remiss in listing the weekly Carnival of the Green issues lately, a result of just how busy I have been.

Below is the schedule blogs that will host the Carnival of the Green through November of this year.  Check out The Goode Life, host of this week’s COG.

2007 COG hosts:

Mar 26th – Camden Kiwi

Apr 2nd – Sludgie
Apr 9th – Philobiblion
Apr 16th – Money and Values
Apr 23rd – The Evangelical Ecologist
Apr 30th – EnviroPundit

May 7th – EcoWorrier
May 14th – Natural Collection
May 21st – EveryDay Trash
May 28th – Sustainablog

June 4th – Groxie
June 11th – Victoria E
June 18th – Enviroblog
June 25th – Dianovo

July 2nd – Bean-Sprouts
July 9th – The Ester Republic
July 16th – The AIDG Blog
July 23rd – Hippy Shopper
July 30th – Nicomachus

August 6th – Organic Researcher
August 13th – Miss Malaprop
August 20th – Green Options
August 27th – Man and Nature

September 3rd – Organic Authority
September 10th – Camphor
September 17th – GreenStyle
September 24th – Karavans

October 1st – World is Green
October 8th – Planet on a Plate
October 15th – Ethical Junction
October 22nd – Available
October 29th – Available

November 5th – Natural Collection
November 12th – Available
November 19th – Available
November 26th – Great Green Goods

Want to host the Carnival of the Green? Get in touch – To add yourself to the list of Carnival of the Green hosts please email one of us at Nick or Kara (at)


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