No Drive Tuesdays

Today I participated in the first “No Drive Tuesday“, An anti-war protest. It is a challenge for me to get to work not driving a car in this valley, but I did it – and didn’t miss any time doing so. I plan to participate every week.

This is an ongoing non-violent action aimed at showing
our resistance and willingness to sacrifice for peace. The sacrifice we make and the
sacrifice we ask of you is to not drive on Tuesdays from now until troops are withdrawn.

No Drive Tuesdays is as action conceived of and undertaken by local Salt Lake activists
who are dismayed at our government’s willingness to sacrifice so many things: the lives
of our troops, the lives of Iraqis, our American values against torture and imperialism,
and yet they have not been gutsy enough to ask even the smallest sacrifice of ordinary

The No Drive Tuesday group does not believe oil is the sole factor involved in this
unjust war, but it plays an undeniably large role. Please join them for no drive
Tuesdays as a way to show our leaders our commitment to Peace and Justice.

Contact No Drive Tuesday for more information.


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