We the People March Forth!

Today was an event that I helped organize:

It was a great event. People I’ve never seen before came – and represented all political veiwpoints. The program consisted of speakers, interspersed with volunteers from the audience reading the 10 amendments to the constitution – The Bill of Rights.

While it all was inspiring, the most touching moment for me was when a Utah Minuteman Member became emotional after hearing a member of the Brown Berets speak. This was quite contrary to his attitude towards the Brown Berets before the event started.

After the program we showed the film by Aaron Russo, “America: Freedom to Fascism”, a very well made documentary on the state of the rights of people living in the U.S. I recommend that everyone view this film.

It was truly a day of dialogue and the audience members requested more such events.

Here are photos, with one speech included:

See the rest of the photos and speech.


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