Earth Jam 2007

I am serving on one of the organizing committees for Earth Jam 2007. For more than 15 years, Earth Jam has been a tradition in Salt Lake at Liberty Park. This family festival is free, and open to the public and is filled with music, dance, and Earth Day awareness.

This year there will be no fee to vendors. The goal is to provide an extensive network amongst people and communities who want to build a better world. I plan to develop the Green Earth Fest section again, with a focus on building a larger “kiddie village” – an area that will focus on earth education for children.

This is a call to anyone or organization who would like to participate in this year’s Earth Jam. Go to the website and check it out and feel free to contact me if you’d like more information or would like to participate.


One thought on “Earth Jam 2007

  1. I’m thinking about vending this year, esp. since it’s going to be free. I did vend at one of the first Earth Jams and it wasn’t a very good experience, but a lot could change in this amount of time on both ends( E.g., I’m no longer a teenager and know how to deal better with rude people, the festival is better known and probably attracts a wider range of people)…However, I did want to ask about what kind of crowd you usually get. I did well at Pagan Pride Day and am kind of guessing there will be a fair amount of crossover, which is why I’m thinking of going, but on the other hand, my work still has the gothy flavor that generated a number of snide remarks there all that time ago…just wanted to make sure I won’t be totally awkward and out of place there. Thanks for your time!


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