Divine Strake News

It’s still hard for me to believe that this test has been cancelled. I have been working with the Stop the Divine Strake Coalition for about a year on this issue. (See all my posts on Divine Strake.) What a great feeling to know that this particular project is coming to a close because of the victory of the people. It’s nice to celebrate one small victory in the struggle.

Updated news stories
TEST SITE EXPLOSION: Divine Strake blast dead: Opposition to bunker-buster experiment strong
Utah kills the bomb: Divine Strake is Dead
Utahns react to Divine Strake cancellation
“We’re Not Going to Be Downwind”
Downwinders express gratitude to Utah people and leaders
Divine Strake bites the dust: Huntsman, others hail cancellation of blast
Feds pull plug on desert blast – Public outcry derails Pentagon’s planned test


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