Why Won’t the Dems Up the Ante?

The U.S. House on Friday will be voting on a “non-binding” resolution opposing the surge of additional troops to Iraq.

Well big whoopin’ deal.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said the Democratic resolution was the first step in a longer campaign to end U.S. participation in the nearly four-year-old conflict.

Skip that “step” already. You don’t need a “non-binding” resolution to take action. Just DO it! Cut off the money. Vote NO to sending more troops. Get Bush and company out of office!

And while our representatives are pussy-footing around the real actions to be taken, the Bushites are beating the war drums to attack Iran through their war talk.

Congress still has no spine. If they are ever to stop the madmen in their tracks, they must stop spending time and taxpayer dollars to develop resolutions that basically mean nada. By the time they get around to doing anything, there will be yet another war involving U.S. troops.


One thought on “Why Won’t the Dems Up the Ante?

  1. total agreement…but there’s more
    If this congress (yawn) had ANY courage, they would be impeaching and convicting both the W and Dick Cheney of treason, failing to uphold the Constitution and a long list of other High Crimes…WHILE cutting funding and redeploying…but the Dems are locked into the same military-industrial-corporate-congressional hog trough of taxpayer money that has crippled and shamed our country for over 50 years…why can’t people see this–it’s not just THIS war but the whole insidious system of war profiteering, that slimy beast that shrugs off silly, ineffective stuff like this debate and just keeps rolling on…


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