Utahns don’t want to spend money on abortion ban bill

I am cautiously optimistic after seeing this in today’s news: Abortion bill opposed: 52% don’t support spending millions on Roe challenge

According to a poll conducted by the Deseret News, a little over half of those polled do not want to spend money on this issue. I am optimistic because it means that folks are thinking now about what the government should be spending money on:
Services and Programs, not personal and moral issues. It’s o.k. not to believe in abortion. It’s not o.k. to spend millions of dollars taking away a woman’s right to have one.

If you read the entire article, you will see that there are lawmakers who won’t stop, though and that there are people stepping forward with tons of money to see that the bill goes through and that ensuing litigation is funded.

Where are these people with this money for food for the starving and healthcare for the poor?


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