Utah Legislators continue to “show women their place”

It’s bad enough that the men of our legislature are making decisions regarding women’s reproductive choices for women of our state. Now they are continuing to “put women in their place” by preventing them from other health care needs.

A House Committee killed a bill for healthcare that would potentially prevent a fatal form of cancer in women.

HB358 would have given the Utah Department of Health $1 million to educate females about cervical cancer and immunize girls and young women against it with the new Gardasil vaccine. Bill sponsor Rep. Karen Morgan, D-Cottonwood Heights, said she thought the bill would pass out of the House Health and Human Services Committee.
“Many people are afraid of something new,” she said. “I think these are individuals who are against immunization altogether. But this is the first vaccine to protect against cancer.”

Upon reading the article, it is clear that conservative lobbyists in this state have had influence over the death of this bill because heaven forbid we provide any kind of education on health care to young girls and teenagers.

They might learn something and that would be (gasp!)unthinkable.

So women of Utah remember your place.


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