Childhood Illness: Cures, Education and the Environment

In my professional life I get to work with children who have been identified with disabilities in an educational setting. In fact, I oversee the department in my school that is responsible for educating these children.

In discussions I’ve had with professionals, it has come to my awareness that as more children are diagnosed with illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and a whole host of other conditions, new treatments are always being researched and developed. And with that R&D, comes successess in treating childhood illnesses and conditions.

There’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that children can be treated and cured and be able to continue living. And parents can be spared the pain of losing a child in death to illnesses. The bad news is twofold:

  • Parents are often faced with a lifetime of caring for children who will always need care.
  • The treatments used to save children often affect their neurological functioning, causing them to have to receive special education services. I have been told to expect to see more and more of these children come through our schools.

    So how does the environment play into this?

    What causes cancer? What causes asthmatic conditions?

    We have been on “red alert” status here in Salt Lake Valley – for quite some time. And it is expected to continue for the next little while.

    Think about it.

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