Today’s Utah Legislature News

Deseret News
Tuesday start proposed for session
Utah bill proposes $250M tax relief: Measure’s sponsor in House concedes it’s just a starting point
ID-theft bill would let agency report misuse
Panel gives ‘Ritalin bill’ a nod once again
Funeral bill gets an OK
Hunter age in lobbyists’ sights
House committee approves child support bill
Concurrent enrollment may get solid funding
What HB123 would do

Salt Lake Tribune
HB11-New holiday created for freeing of slaves
Money in the cellar
HB214-Seniors 66 and older get lifetime park pass
Senate committee approves plan for trust fund
SB84-Anonymous reporting of drivers up for vote
SB42-Preferred drug list gets approval
HJR1-Snake Valley water resolution endorsed
HB47-Funds approved for disabled-aid project
Parental responsibilities
Support for space, longer than brief, shorter than full


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