Today’s Utah Legislature News

Deseret News
Text of Gov. Huntsman’s 2007 State of the State Address
State of State in focus: Biggest surprise is ethics package
Getting granny off road may get easier
Senate panel OKs $3 million for UVSC
The state of Utah is one step closer to officially commemorating the end of slavery after the House
Spending ‘cap gap’ poses tough challenge for lawmakers
Bills target predators of children
House bumps up penalties for organized shoplifters
Lawmaker assails trade accord: He says deal may lead to elimination of borders
Schools may get help with fee-waiver costs
Child-support overhaul advances
Audit targets viability of charter schools
UDOT roads are higher quality, state audit finds
Lawmakers seek to clarify rules on gubernatorial succession
House panel OKs measure on costs to businesses
House OKs Internet measure
Resolution affirming rights of Utah Muslims introduced
Measure advances adding ‘party’ after name on ballot
House OKs bill to provide more health-care data
Salt Lake Tribune
’07 Utah Legislature, Day One -Session’s opening: Quiet before storm: The time of hefty surpluses may bring more bitter battles than leaner days
Legislative committee schedules
Audit sides with state when it comes to road, bridge projects
Republican goes after diners behind wheel
911-call fee plan hits opposition
Bill aims to clarify succession in Utah
Personal Choice? No, that’s just the name of the party


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