Salt Lake’s State of the City

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson made his State of the City Address last night.Anderson reviewed past accomplishments and outlined future goals.

Anderson challenged leaders to take a stand on issues:
Progress is about building—and leaving for the future—a better world and better
communities. Whatever affects the people of Salt Lake City—whether it is garbage collection,federal housing policy, or the prospect of catastrophic global climate change—it is the responsibility of all leaders, whether in the business, religious, or civic communities—including municipal officials – to take a stand, and to take action. Those who do not, those who say “It’s not my job” or “It’s none of my business” are not only derelict in carrying out their responsibilities as leaders; they are derelict in fulfilling their moral duties as human beings with choices and the ability to help make a positive difference.

And on progress:

In thinking about progress, the relevant question is not simply what is possible in thegiven conditions of the present world, but, more significantly, what is desirable in a future worlddriven by our hopes and dreams. Throughout the past seven years of my administration, we haveendeavored to make these dreams—these aspirations for an inclusive, safe, healthy, interesting, rewarding community—part of the fabric of our great city. Progress in City government requires a hard-working, dedicated team. We have set a standard of excellence for our team, trying people out for the team, making some cuts, and building an exceptional team that has served the people of Salt Lake City well.
It is up to each of us to advance the common good, preserving the key spaces, resources,and institutions that make our quality of life possible, while extending the benefits they provide to every member of our community, including those who come along in the future. In the end,the measure of our lives, and of our service to others, is whether we have had some part in progress—whether we have helped move our community and our world toward real


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